Landfill sites face specific challenges that can make COTC cover (Certificate of Technical Competence) even more important than it is for some other waste processing facilities.

Just like other premises, your operating permit may require you to have a Technically Competent Manager (TCM) on-site in person for more than 20% of your operating hours.

This can be costly for closed landfill sites, where this obligation persists, and can leave your TCMs feeling stretched across multiple facilities for no real reason.

With our COTC cover for landfill sites, we can attend your premises so that there is a TCM present for at least the minimum amount of time required by your permit.

We also offer training for new TCMs and retraining for existing TCMs whose COTC is due to expire. Together, this ensures you meet your permit obligations both now and over the long term.

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Stricter COTC rules for landfill sites

One quirk of the COTC rules for landfill sites is that if you apply for a new permit, you usually must have a qualified TCM already in place.

This makes the COTC regulations for landfill sites more complicated. It’s important to know your different obligations:

  • For a new landfill site permit
  • For an active landfill site
  • For a closed landfill site

Whatever stage your landfill site is at, we can help you to meet your COTC obligations with TCM cover if you do not have enough hours available from your in-house TCMs.

What Recycling Training Services do

We don’t just provide COTC cover for landfill sites. We work with waste processing facilities of all kinds across a range of different health and safety commitments, including:

  • COTC cover for absent TCMs or until you can recruit/train one
  • COTC training and retraining to get your personnel qualified
  • Site Health & Safety Manuals if your operations involve skips
  • Fire Prevention Plans that meet Environment Agency requirements

Our services have practical outcomes. We aim to keep you in compliance with your operating permit, reduce the rate of serious incidents like fires, and prevent you from facing a prison sentence or unlimited fine for failing to protect property and personnel.

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