Industrial Waste

It can be hard to keep on top of your responsibilities when processing industrial waste, which can include materials classed as general waste, but also restricted hazardous substances.

Recycling Training Services provide COTC cover (Certificate of Technical Competence) for industrial waste handling facilities, to help you meet a short-term need for personnel or particular expertise.

Our services include supplying you with a fully qualified Technically Competent Manager (TCM) for at least the 20% of your operating hours required by most permits.

If you would like permanent personnel, we also offer COTC training for industrial waste facilities, which can allow you to train a new TCM from scratch or retrain an existing TCM whose COTC is due for renewal.

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Specialist COTC cover for industrial waste facilities

If you handle hazardous waste or other restricted materials – or you need to temporarily process a type of waste you would not normally handle – we can help.

Our interim COTC cover includes specific areas of expertise including hazardous and contaminated waste, for example recyclable materials that also contain oil, fuel or other flammable fluids.

We can help you prepare a Fire Prevention Plan to stringent Environment Agency requirements, to comply with the agency’s 19-point guide to what an FPP should include.

And if you collect industrial waste in skips, we can also prepare Site Health & Safety Manuals that govern your skip operations, further reducing the risk of an avoidable incident.

Why industrial waste COTC cover matters

Having a TCM on-site for more than 20% of your operating hours is a requirement of most waste processing permits.

More than that, it allows you to take a proactive approach to identifying and remedying any potential safety risks – both for the protection of personnel, and to avoid loss and damage to property including valuable recyclable waste.

For industrial waste facilities, the materials coming in may be more likely to be contaminated with flammable residues, or contain specific types of waste that need specialist handling.

Our industrial COTC cover means that if your TCM doesn’t have the correct certificate for a certain kind of industrial waste, you can still continue with uninterrupted operations.

For facilities that are broadening into new types of industrial waste, or for any other short-term lack of qualified personnel (e.g. sickness absence or a TCM whose COTC has expired) we can provide essential COTC cover so you can stay in business.

Any questions?

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