Hazardous Wase

Hazardous waste is subject to certain restrictions that go beyond the normal rules for general waste – and that can catch you out when it comes to the expertise of your Technically Competent Manager (TCM).

If your TCM has the wrong sort of certificate, or you don’t have a TCM on-site for at least 20% of your operating hours, you might be failing to meet your Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) responsibilities.

With the help of Recycling Training Services, you can get COTC cover to allow you to continue operating within the terms of your permit, while also handling any forms of hazardous waste necessary.

In addition, we can provide training so that your personnel gain the specific skills and knowledge needed to qualify for the right kind of certificate.

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Hazardous waste

COTC cover for hazardous waste

The tighter restrictions on handling and processing hazardous waste are an indication of the greater risk level, especially in the case of materials like asbestos that can cause severe health problems.

Because of this, it’s even more important to monitor your procedures in line with CoTC requirements, and take action on any identifiable risks.

If an incident occurs – for example, a fire involving hazardous materials – you may be held responsible if you did not conduct the correct checks, and this in turn could result in an unlimited fine or a prison sentence.

By arranging hazardous waste COTC cover, you can make sure you meet your permit obligations, while also taking action to prevent incidents like the accidental ignition of flammable materials.

How we help with hazardous waste

Recycling Training Services provide interim COTC cover for times when you lack personnel, either because you are short staffed, you need to handle a particular type of waste, or some other reason.

We can also train your staff, to help you gain a qualified TCM or to help your existing TCM to meet the requirements to renew their existing COTC(certificates must usually be renewed at least every two years).

If you want to take further action against fire risks in particular, we can draw up a Fire Prevention Plan for your premises that meets the Environment Agency’s 19-point guidelines and addresses hazardous waste streams as appropriate.

Finally, we also write Site Health & Safety Manuals which can cover the transport and handling of hazardous waste, including during skip operations.

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