Energy From Waste

The responsibility to dispose of commercial waste correctly continues from the point at which the waste is generated, right through to its final destruction, recycling or reuse.

For operators of commercial waste management facilities, this includes the need to meet all the terms of your operating permit, including having a qualified Technically Competent Manager (TCM) on-site in person for no less than 20% of your opening hours.

If you don’t have access to a qualified individual – either due to a shortage of personnel, sickness absence or increase in demand – Recycling Training Services can help by providing COTC cover (Certificate of Technical Competence).

This works as an interim measure by providing you with a TCM to meet to meet to meet the number of hours you need. We also provide training services to give your employees the skills they need to hold a COTC of their own.

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Commercial Waste

Safe disposal of commercial waste

COTC cover aims to ensure safety in commercial waste operations, including the prevention of avoidable FIRES and other health and safety incidents.

Sufficient COTC cover – either by in-house personnel or by bringing in an interim TCM from outside your organisation – is a requirement of most operating permits, and you must normally have a TCM present in person for at least a fifth of your working hours.

Without meeting this obligation, you can be held accountable for any incidents that occur, including major fires that damage property, harm individuals or spread to surrounding premises.

The potential punishment for such incidents includes an unlimited fine and possible jail time, so it’s essential that you meet this part of your permit obligations.

Preventing commercial waste fires

Fires are one of the biggest risks for commercial waste management facilities, so Recycling Training Services also offer a service to write your Fire Prevention Plan for you.

The Environment Agency guidance on this runs to 19 different subject areas. We have the experience and expertise to cut through the complex guidelines and apply them to your commercial waste operations specifically.

Finally, if you collect commercial waste in skips, whether for landfill, recycling or energy recovery, we can write your Site Health & Safety Manuals to demonstrate that you have identified and mitigated risks in that area too.

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We welcome all enquiries about COTC cover and training for commercial waste operators, Site Health & Safety Manuals, and Fire Prevention Plans that meet all the Environment Agency requirements.

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