McAuliffe Group – 3 month contract


Recycling Training Services (RTS) were contacted by the McAufille Group to inquire if we were able to provide WAMITAB cover for two Brownfield Development sites in Camberley (Former Gas-works), Surrey and Tonbridge, Kent. On both sites the McAuliffe group were carrying out soil decontamination and treatment of hydrocarbons on site along with earthworks required to get the sites ready for future development.

For these contracts to be started a deployment plan had to be submitted to the EA and WAMITAB Cover was required throughout the duration of the contracts. To ensure compliance was met we had to ensure that a competent person attended site with the 12 Unit Hazardous treatment and transfer of waste materials to provide the site cover. The contract duration for these contracts was for 3 months. We were required to arrive on to site post demolition of the gas works. 

Throughout the contract Recycling Training Services worked to the Environment Agency Approved Materials Management Plan (MMP).

Part of the service provided to the McAuliffe Group was a detailed site inspection report every time that RTS were on site. The Site inspections were accompanied with Detailed Site Reports and they were sent to the senior management team. 

The site inspections and reports ensured that Compliance with the mobile Plant deployment permit was met for onsite Bio Remediation of Soils and Groundwater Remediation.