Lloyds Metals Processors Bolton

After several months of doing the WAMITAB cover for Lloyds Metal Processors Recycling Training Services (RTS) Introduced Lloyds Metals Processors to a WAMITAB training Provider, QSP Training Ltd. to enable the Site Manager of Lloyds Metals Bolton to begin the 6 unit WAMITAB Level 4 End of Life vehicle (ELV) Certificate of Technical competence (COTC). A Haz level of competence was required for waste management operations to be undertaken on this site as it dealt with batteries, oils etc. and RTS provided this cover.  

As the site was a new Business, the company required a complete system of control documents for the WAMITAB portfolio such as:

  • Risk assessments for the Lefort Scrap Metal Baler
  • Site rules 
  • Site Inductions for new operatives and contractors
  • First use plant checks
  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Training matrix for the Plant Operators and The Scrap Processors
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Health and Safety Manual

Recycling Training Services provided the WAMITAB Cover for the duration of the training of the site manager ensuring that the site was covered as per the site permit requirements. Training to compliment the assessor was also provided weekly to the site manager for the 6 Unit ELV award with weekly visits and training sessions on the site. 

Throughout the project QSP Training Ltd carried out the assessments of the manager’s Portfolio.